Banggood EU Warehouse

Banggood EU Warehouse

Placing an order from the European warehouse allows you to receive your product in a short time and 100% avoids customs. Today we explain how to order from the Banggood European warehouse so you can do it with complete peace of mind.

An order from the Banggood European warehouse is made in much the same way as the Banggood global site.

Today we see the various stages, however, as we have already said, by placing the order from the European warehouse of Banggood. The first thing you need to do is go to the Banggood European warehouse site:
Banggood EU

Once on the page, we can browse the various product categories and choose the one that's right for us.

Once you have chosen the product, we go to its tab. Here we can set our order by choosing the characteristics. We can also choose the shipping here but we find it more convenient to do it in the cart. Then click on "Buy it Now" to proceed directly with the purchase or "Add to cart" to add it to the cart and purchase it later.

Then we can click on "Check out with PayPal" to proceed directly to the payment or on "Proceed to Checkout" to enter the other information before concluding the order.

Once here, we must enter the shipping address, choose the type of shipment we want, obviously they are customs free as the product is already cleared through customs and is located in the European Union. Finally, you have to choose the payment method between BGpay, PayPal, Credit Card or Gpay and click on "Place Order" to finish. If we have chosen PayPal it will connect to the PayPal site to make the payment.

From the European warehouse you will have to wait 3-5 days


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